Blue Station Pictures

Little agency / big ideas.  Founded by creative partners Kelly & Brian Eddolls, who bring together expertise in production, video design, post-production, film music & sound design.  We’ve worked for the big agencies, and ditched that life for creative independence.  We are small and nimble, keeping the overhead low and the freedom large.

Our mission:  We tell stories for brands - not just for fun - but in order to grow your business.

How do you tell a story?  We always start with the brand.  What is your mission, what are your values?  What purpose is at the very core?

From there we strive to create and tell a story that makes your audience feel - not just learn or do something, but makes them feel something that compels action.  

This is powerful and is at the heart of all successful marketing.  

We’ve worked on big brands and small.  


L’Oréal.  Giorgio Armani.  The Heisman Trophy.  Canon.  Deloitte.  Susan G. Komen.  Pepsi.  Tom Ford.  Lancôme.  Philosophy.  and more.


Krav Maga New York.  Performance 20/20.  Bona Bona Ice Cream.  FreePlay.   and more.   

Here are some examples:

See Vimeo album “Blue Station Pictures”  https://vimeo.com/album/3001356

If you’re curious, give us a shout, an email or a ring!