Brian Eddolls Bio

Prior to forming Blue Station Pictures with Kelly Eddolls, Brian was a composer and sound designer for film and television. Prior to that he was an in-demand session Synclavier Programmer and synthesist who played on albums and scores by such esteemed artists as Howard Shore, Peter Gabriel, Foreigner, Chaka Khan, Nile Rodgers, Stevie Nicks, Suzanne Vega, Kenny G, Marilyn Martin, et al.

As composer, electronic music creator and sound designer he has worked under Howard Shore, Martin Scorcese, David Cronenberg, Penny Marshall, Jonathan Demme, Mike Nichols, Bob Balaban, Bill D’Ellia and William Wegman. Film and television work includes, Big, Last Temptation of Christ, Dead Ringers, Silence of the Lambs, Kindness of Strangers, Postcards From The Edge, Nadine, She-Devil, Moving, The Local Stigmatic, An Innocent Man, Parents, Michael Jackson’s Bad, Saturday Night Live, Night Music, The Reporters, Miami Vice, Monsters, Nova, PBS, et al.

Commercials scoring and Sound Design work includes Armani. AT&T. The AT&T Technical Museum. Aventis Pharmaceuticals Areva. Bankers Trust. Bear Stearns. Chemical Bank. Commodore Computers Amiga. Coors Beer. Designer Fragrences. Fox Television. Gardetto's Snak-Ens. Giorgio Armani. Hasbro. Hewlitt Packard/Disney. IBM. Lancome. Meade - Johnson. Mercantile Bank. Moody's Investor Services. NEC. NCR. Nycomed. NYNEX. Office Max. Pepsi. Perrier. Phillips/Van Heusen. PriceWaterhouse. Prudential. Quaker Oats Life Cereal. Radeberger Beer. React Magazine. Rhone-Poulenc-Rorer. Rockport Shoes. Sanofi. SkyTel. Texaco. United States Air Force. Vanity Fair Magazine. Winstar.